David Bowie reportedly sought solace in spirituality during the final months of his life. The legendary artist, 69, died on Sunday after a secret 18-month battle with cancer and while he had questioned organised religion throughout his career, according to close friends it had been a great source of comfort and strength towards the end. “Despite some of the comments David made during his career from talking about dabbling with Christianity, Buddhism and Satanism, he reassessed everything when told he was terminally ill a year ago,” a source told The Sun.

They continued: “He concluded there was something greater than all of us and it may be some version of what others might call God. “This was probably quite comforting. He certainly wasn’t scared of death.” It was also to religion that his wife Iman appeared to turn on Sunday, posting a poignant message to her Instagram page on the day her husband passed away. It read: ““The struggle is real, but so is God” FULL REPORT