Financial experts predict Canada to follow the trails of many leading economies such as Sweden and Denmark to eradicate cash in the future. According to recent data published by payment processing and financial firm Moneris, nearly 77% of individuals who participated in a nationwide survey preferred to settle payments and purchases using credit cards, debit cards and alternative financial platforms such as Paypal, instead of Cash.

The report of Moneris showed a 162% increase in tap transactions for the third quarter of 2015 compared to last year. The firm stated that the emergence of various online and mobile payment networks released and deployed by leading financial establishments in the country encouraged many customers and institutional clients to adopt to digitalized payments. “I think we’re at a point where you don’t need cash for most of what you need to do today,” said Moneris chief product and marketing officer Rob Cameron.  “I do think people will continue to use cash because it’s been around so long…. But this growth in contactless (payments using credit cards or mobile apps) I think is going to lead towards that end of cash.” FULL REPORT