Closing out the holiday season in an ironically traditional style, the PBS-sponsored website It’s Okay To Be Smart posted a dozen short videos called “The 12 Days of Evolution” on YouTube, completing the set1 just in time for post-Christmas viewing. The “12 Days of Christmas” is an 18th-century folk song celebrating the days between Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany. That day commemorates the successful quest of the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12) to find and worship the infant Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God.

These 12 video gifts—conveniently embedded (as shown in this screen shot) as clickable finches in Darwin’s beard—encourage viewers to reject God’s Word from its beginning. Substituting fallible man’s evolutionary explanation of origins for God’s account undermines the foundation for faith in Jesus Christ—our Creator (Colossians 1:16–17) who came to live among man and to die, purchasing our salvation (1 Peter 1:18; Hebrews 2:9). FULL REPORT