The Amazon river has long been crucial part of the daily lives of thousands of Brazilians living in the remote stretches of the rainforest but now communities have been left devastated after the country suffered its worst drought in 100 years.
A vital water source for numerous lakes and streams, the Amazonian drought has been revealed with photos showing miles of dry, cracked riverbeds from where the water used to flow.

Boats have been left stranded in the Puaquequarauna lake, due the low levels of the Rio Negro, near the Amazonian city of Manaus. There, houses sit isolated in the middle of the large deserted landscape, with only small pools of water remaining for locals to live off.  The crisis has left the Rio Negro, a crucial tributary of the Amazon River, in ruin. Now, whole communities face a battle to rebuild their lives.  The shocking drought comes just a few months after the same region suffered bad flooding after a deluge of rain left several cities in states of emergency.  FULL REPORT