Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress has suggested that GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a legion of “closeted” Evangelical supporters who are “almost apologetic for being attracted to him.” In an article for Fox News on Monday, Jeffress, who leads the 12,000-member First Baptist Church in Dallas, said that he has talked to a number of Evangelicals in recent trips, who have told him they support Trump because they see him as a strong leader. “After criss-crossing the country for the past few months and talking to thousands of people, I’m convinced that there are a legion of ‘closeted’ Evangelical Trump supporters who are almost apologetic for being attracted to him,” Jeffress wrote.

“They are not under any illusion that Trump will be conducting Bible studies in the Oval Office, nor do they feel like they are abandoning their Christian values to support Trump,” he added. The article focused on comparing Trump and Republican rival Dr. Ben Carson, who Jeffress said is garnering support among Evangelicals for his “uncontested commitment to Christianity.” He said that in the current GOP race, many Evangelicals are weighting their support for a “strong leader” like Trump, against someone they identify as a “committed Christian,” like Carson. FULL REPORT