If you are employed at Toys ‘R’ Us you my be handed your pink slip soon! That’s because according to a new report, Toys ‘R’ Us is taking advantage of the H-1B visa system to bring in foreign workers so they can be trained by the very American employees they will replace. The company will then use those newly trained staffers to ship the jobs to overseas markets. The end result is about 70 American workers are losing their jobs, mainly in the company’s accounting department in New Jersey. The New York Times first reported the development, and wrote:

“When Congress designed temporary work visa programs, the idea was to bring in foreigners with specialized, hard-to-find skills who would help American companies grow, creating jobs to expand the economy. Now, though, some companies are bringing in workers on those visas to help move jobs out of the country.” As the Washington Free Beacon pointed out, the global outsourcing is creating a situation where American citizens employed by Toys ‘R’ Us are losing their jobs to the newly trained foreign replacements. And as the New York Times found, the toy giant isn’t the only company taking advantage of the visa program in such manner. CONTINUE