Larry Tomczak is actually praying for judgment to hit America! Huh? You may say “Larry, I’m shocked that you say you are actually praying for judgment on our nation! That’s not loving. That’s not scriptural!” I respectfully disagree. I’m not on a crusade, trying to convince others of my position, yet I do invite your prayerful consideration at this critical time in our history. My actions spring from God’s recent dealings with me and the conviction that we have crossed a line in our ever-escalating sinfulness before a holy God who has blessed this nation like none other in history.

Some will dismiss biblical passages I cite as applying only to Israel, God’s covenant people, whom He designated as a “city on the hill,” yet they turned from God. Let’s remember America was also established as a covenant people, designated as a “city on a hill” by our Pilgrim and Puritan forefathers. We have likewise turned away from God. Survey the cultural landscape over just the past number of weeks: CONTINUE