The faults will remain in any system, even after the government redistributes who pays for those faults. In a way, when the government redistributes the costs of a broken system, their programs only legitimize the core faults within that system.
For example, if the government determines that pharmaceutical companies are greedy and should pay higher taxes, this legislation only redistributes the greed money to policy makers, pushing the companies to operate more greedily to keep up with the demand. The companies then find out it is easier to infiltrate the government with their influence so they can steer policies that help them monopolize.

The American medical system is in financial shambles. The costs continue to go up even after the Affordable Care Act intervened to redistribute costs. President Obama promised lower healthcare costs after passing the Affordable Care Act, but the law only mandates more health insurance payment plans that don’t fix the fundamental problems within the medical system. The mandated health insurance plans only legitimize an industry that encourages financial waste, over-medication and over-diagnosis. FULL REPORT