Well first it was Mars and now it appears that an announcement will be made this Thursday regarding another discovery by NASA. Nasa is set to reveal an “amazing” discovery on Thursday, according to one of the space agency’s senior scientists. Dr Alan Stern, a planetary scientist and Principal Investigator on Nasa’s New Horizons Pluto mission, made the exciting announcement whilst speaking at the University of Alberta in Canada.  Whilst speaking about the latest images of Pluto captured by the New Horizons probe, Stern said:

“Nasa won’t let me tell you what we’re going to tell you on Thursday. It’s amazing.” Last week, Nasa unveiled new images of the surface of Pluto, which show a landscape of mountains, craters and gorges. As reported by The Guardian, Stern said: “This world is alive.” “It has weather, it has hazes in the atmosphere, active geology… Every week I am floored.” CONTINUE