Welcome to the U.S. (unisex) Navy. Sailors will soon be issued “Dixie Cup” hats and gender-neutral uniforms to satisfy Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ demands. A preview of the new uniforms was revealed Monday. “Having service members don the same headgear is symbolic of a Navy that is gender-blind,” Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen told Military Times on Monday. “We have been working hard to design covers and uniforms that improve uniformity across the force as well as improve the function and fit of sailors’ uniforms according to Mabus’ plan for uniform and cover redesign.”

The new hat will be issued to sailors with a rank of E-6 and below next April. A re-designed Service Dress Blue uniform for men and women will be issued beginning Oct. 1 next year, and the female version of the iconic “crackerjack” uniform will be phased out by next fall, the newspaper reported. “We have done several wear-tests and have incorporated sailors’ feedback,” Lt. Cmdr. Christensen added. CONTINUE