The Washington state football coach defied the Bremerton School District on Oct. 16 by dropping to a knee and praying at midfield after the Friday night football game.“I’m going to be bold in my faith, and fight the good fight,” he told the Kitsap Sun. “It’s beyond humbling to have so much support. Whatever happens — happens.” The Bremerton School District issued a stern letter to the coach just hours before the football game – warning him not to pray.

“Strict adherence is required and expected, and violations cannot be tolerated,” school district attorney Jeffrey Ganson wrote in a letter to Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser. Liberty Institute is representing the coach. They asked the school for a religious accommodation – but were denied. For years Coach Kennedy would walk to midfield and pray after the football game had ended. He was inspired to pray after watching the faith-based football film, “Facing the Giants. MORE