You know that dystopian future that George Orwell painted in his famous book ’1984’? Well, what may have seen as paranoid and outlandish at the time the book was released is fast becoming reality. While recent leaks by Edward Snowden revealed just how extensively the government was intruding on the privacy of citizens, there has been little effort or interest in covering the same practice in corporations. Companies are increasingly being tempted to monitor, track, compare and rate their employees, right down to the level of eventually recording every employee statement and action.

The ubiquitous nature of technology has made tracking and monitoring a person easier than ever before and now employers are using more sophisticated methods than to play big brother. Bank of America, for example has used sensor badges to monitor employee movements, tone of voice, how often they got up or talked to their fellow employees and a few other parameters. A similar technology was used by US Company Cubist Pharmaceuticals to determine how energetic employees were and the behavior patterns that corresponded with high productivity. MORE