In the commonwealth of Kentucky, the desperate cries of this generation are igniting a revival that could change the face of this country. From out of the cornfields of one of the poorest areas in the country, men and women are experiencing miracles and the fresh presence of the Lord. “People are running to the altar and there’s a groan of revival,” Ryan LeStrange says. LeStrange is an apostolic minister, co-founder of and senior leader of New Breed Revival Network. “Repentance and weeping are breaking out. … There’s a real intense kind of intercession for the state, and Kentucky is the upper room state.”

People from neighboring states are pouring into the cornfields of Kentucky to see deaf ears healed and the lame walk, LeStrange says. The key to letting the revival spread is embracing the supernatural. To describe what’s happening, LeStrange recalls a vision he had in which the borders of Kentucky were on fire: “I watched as fire moved from the borders into the heart of state,” he says. “The fire was going in and out, pulsating like the beating of the heart … (It’s) the ignition of many fires that are ultimately going to set the heart of the state on fire.” FULL REPORT