A Washington-based humanist organization is taking a Texas teacher to task who allegedly has a Christian cross in her elementary school classroom and at times references God to her students. The American Humanist Association (AHA) sent a letter on Thursday to the superintendent of the Brownsville Independent School District and the principal of Benavides Elementary School in an effort to put a stop to what it calls “proselytizing” in the classroom.

The correspondence specifically refers to a third grade teacher only identified as Ms. Sanroman, who reportedly has a one-foot cross sitting on a shelf in her room. Sanroman is also being accused of recently telling students that no one is perfect except for One, and that is “our Lord.” A parent, whose name AHA did not disclose, complained about Sanroman to the organization.“This kind of religious activity is of great concern to the atheist-humanist family in question, which expects public schools to educate children without attempts at religious indoctrination,” the group wrote in the letter. FULL REPORT