The Military, The Government and now Scientists are warning humanity of the next “Blackout” that will grip the Nation! It has been well over a century since the last major solar storm hit the earth, but sooner or later, it will happen again. It’s only a question of when, and many scientists believe that the recurrence of such an event is overdue. In fact, scientists claim that the likelihood of a coronal mass ejection on the scale of the 1859 Carrington Event – the most devastating solar storm on record – is around one percent annually, which means that it should have already happened, statistically speaking.

As previously reported by Natural News, the Carrington Event fried telegraph networks in several countries and lit up the sky with auroral displays so bright they could be seen even near the equator. When a solar storm of this magnitude hits the earth again, the consequences will be far more disastrous given our complete dependence on electronic devices, electronic systems and the power grid – all of which will almost certainly be wiped out. This will include items such as cell phones, toasters, automobile ignition systems, and the electrical power that we take for granted and rely on more heavily than most of us would care to imagine. FULL REPORT