WI police will now forcibly take DNA samples from ALL citizens convicted for misdemeanors It’s no joke – beginning April Fool’s Day in Wisconsin, even citizens convicted of misdemeanor crimes will have a DNA sample forcibly taken from them as the state dramatically expands its collection database. As reported by The Free Thought Project, the new law will dramatically expand the number of samples being analyzed by state criminal labs in the capital of Madison. Prior to the change in law, the number of DNA profiles created came only from about 10,000-12,000 felony convictions each year. According to local news affiliate Fox 6, of that figure, some 550 positive hits were made on cases previously unsolved. Profiles are now expected to jump six-fold, to an estimated 60,000 each year. Justice officials and police in the state say they expect the additional samples to lead to more crimes being solved. “When you think of the scope of science, it’s been pretty recent that we’ve been analyzing DNA the way we have,” Jennifer Naugle, supervisor of the state DNA data bank, told the local Fox affiliate. In the past, anyone convicted of a felony had a swab taken from inside their cheek, the sample then sent to the State Crime Lab for analysts to create a DNA profile. Using that database, scientists then compared it with DNA taken from the scene of an unsolved crime. FULL REPORT