Termite ‘superswarm’ threatens South FloridaTwo of the world’s most destructive termite species are swarming South Florida, and the fact that they are mating has scientists sweating. The Asian and Formosan subterranean termite species are producing hundreds of thousands of winged males and females (known as alates), which are in turn creating hybrid colonies, according to University of Florida entomologists. The two species are no joke, and hybrid colonies could prove even more disastrous for homeowners. “They are the two most destructive termite species in the world,” University of Florida Entomology Professor Nan-Yao Su told FoxNews.com. “The common name for Formosan subterranean termite in China and Japan is ‘house termite’ as it can literally bring down a house, usually [starting] with [the] roof as they chew through the supporting beams.” Termite colonies, sometimes consisting of millions of individuals, can live up to 20 years and thrive in South Florida, where the temperatures offer ideal mating conditions. FULL REPORT