Religious vaccination exemptions will completely end in AustraliaAustralians will no longer be able to claim a religious exemption for child vaccinations and still be eligible for certain government benefits, officials announced Sunday. The new policy impacts one group in particular — Christian Scientists — which had the only official exemption from vaccinations. That exemption, “in place since 1998, is no longer current or necessary and will therefore be removed,” Australia’s Social Services Minister Scott Morrison said in a statement. “Having been informed the religion is not advising members to avoid vaccinating their children and following engagement with members, the government no longer sees that the exemption is current and the authorization for this exemption has been withdrawn,” Morrison said. A spokeswoman with the Church of Christ, Scientist did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.“It’s up to each person who practices Christian Science to choose the form of health care he or she wants,” reads the official Web site of Christian Science. “Many Christian Scientists decide to pray first about every challenge — including health issues — and find it effective.” MORE