Popular birth control sending women to hospitalErika Langhart had a zest for life. By the time she finished college she had already visited 37 countries. After graduating from college she was working in Washington and thinking about going to law school. Her life was full of promise, but all that ended suddenly when she was just 24 years old. In Phoenix, Karen Langhart was looking forward to her daughter coming home for Thanksgiving when she received a call from Erika’s cell phone. In an interview with CNN, Erika’s mom said she “picked up the phone and answered it, ‘Hi Schmoo, can’t wait to see you’ — Schmoo-bear is our nickname for her — and it was Sean.” With groceries in hand, Erika’s boyfriend, Sean Coakley, had arrived at her apartment to make dinner and found Erika collapsed on the floor. The fire department and paramedics were already on the scene. The attendant at the front desk had heard Erika screaming for help and called 911. “[The paramedics] tried to revive her with CPR and while they were in the apartment, I think she had a heart attack and then two more on the way to the hospital in the ambulance, and another one in the hospital, and she never woke up,” Erika’s father, Rick Langhart, said. Karen knew it was serious when the emergency room doctor said they needed to come to the hospital in Arlington, Virginia. She said the doctor asked her whether Erika was using any birth control. According to Karen, when she told him Erika was using the NuvaRing, “He said well there’s a link between NuvaRing and pulmonary embolisms,” Karen Langhart said. FULL REPORT