California Republicans Betray Party Values With New Gay Rights Wing

The Log Cabin Republicans, established to fight a proposed statewide ballot measure to ban gays and lesbians from teaching in California public schools, has long been at odds with mainstream Republican opposition to same-sex marriage and related issues. (Facebook)

If you’re expecting the Republican Party to be the saving grace for biblical Standards this next election season I wouldn’t hold my breath too long, not in California anyway! Why? because according to reports California Republicans broke from their own platform on Sunday and voted overwhelmingly at their state party convention to give official recognition to a gay rights wing of the GOP that has long been marginalized. Endorsement of the Log Cabin Republicans as a charter volunteer organization within the nation’s largest Republican statewide party apparatus marked a turning point of sorts for California Republicans on a key chunk of their social policy agenda. Delegates to the California Republican Party voted 861-293 in favor of the move during the party’s three-day annual convention in Sacramento, the state capital, a party spokeswoman said. FULL REPORT