Seattle Muslims Demand Teacher Be Canned For Showing Muhammad Cartoons A group of Somali immigrants protested outside the Refugee Women’s Alliance in Seattle on Friday to demand the firing of a teacher who had shown students cartoons of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The teacher under fire, Deepa Bhandaru, displayed the images for the group of teenage students last month, the day after the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, The Seattle Globalist reports. Two radical Muslim immigrants massacred 11 people during the terrorist attack. Bhandaru, a recent recipient of a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Washington (also in Seattle), had been teaching a free class at the Refugee Women’s Alliance when she showed the cartoons to the kids. The lesson topic for that day’s workshop was religious pluralism and freedom of speech. The protest against Bhandaru occurred late Friday afternoon. Perhaps 15 to 20 people attended. A man named Hassan Diis was passing around pre-printed signs in English, according to a journalist on the scene. Diis, who describes himself as a Somali community activist and a devout Muslim, said he was angered after he heard that the teacher showed cartoon images of Muhammad to Somali teens. “We don’t want someone to brainwash our children,” he told The Daily Caller. “The prophet is very important for us.” Diis added that he believes that Bhandaru, who he says is not a Muslim, should no longer instruct Somali students at the Refugee Women’s Alliance. “We want her to leave this community alone,” the Somali activist told TheDC. “We want the organization to hire someone who understands the culture and values of our immigrant Muslim community.” Somalia is an overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim country. Islam is the nation’s official religion. More