Archbishop Claims Turkey is Blocking Christians From Fleeing ISISSo who’s side is Turkey on in the War against ISIS? Well according to a recent report the government of Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan was accused today of contributing to the deaths of Syrian Christians attempting to flee massacres at the hands of ISIS! The claim came from Vatican Radio by Jacques Behnan Hindo, a prominent Syrian Catholic Archbishop of Hasakeh-Nisibi, This comes just a day after ISIS fighters abducted at least 90 Assyrian Christians from villages near the Turkish border that had been under the protection of Kurdish military forces, reported Agence France-Presse, Which we now know that number is much larger than 90. According to Jacques Behnan Hindo “In the north, Turkey allows through lorries, Daesh (ISIS) fighters, oil stolen from Syria, wheat and cotton: all of these can cross the border but nobody [from the Christian community] can pass over.” FULL REPORT