Broke-Empty-PocketsAs a growing number of pundits and financial analysts claim that the United States economy is finally taking off and that nothing but quarterly growth is projected for the foreseeable future, they either are ignorant of one basic fact about Americans’ personal economic well-being or are being willfully misleading. As noted by global financial analyst website Zero Hedge, one underlying sign that “the growing U.S. economy” is having little effect on the most basic levels is the fact that savings rates among most Americans is abysmal — likely because the rising cost of living has far outpaced income growth: While various CNBC anchors may be willing to say that the US is “growing gangbusters” yet again confusing the liquidity-oozing equity markets with the economy, there are a couple hundred million Americans who would bet to differ (which incidentally may also explain why the Comcast channel no longer wishes to have its viewership calculated by Nielsen): the reason is that according to the latest Bankrate survey released [recently], more than three in five Americans don’t have money in their savings accounts to cover any unexpected bills such as a $500 car repair or a $1,000 emergency room visit. More