paris-charlie-hebdo-shooting-attack-1-e1420646160700The French magazine Charlie Hebdo, targeted on Wednesday by Muslim gunmen, has a long history of mocking religions, including Islam. Its most recent cover joked about author Michel Houellebecq’s new novel “Submission,” which speculates about a future in which France elects a Muslim president. Since its release, many have called “Submission” Islamophobic, though Houellebecq has said that that “an alliance between Catholics and Muslims is possible,” and that “jihadists are bad Muslims.” The magazine also posted a cartoon of ISIS leader of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to its Twitter feed earlier today. Last year, Islamic groups tried to sue the magazine for blasphemy over a cover depicting its caption depicting its caption, “[the Qur’an] doesn’t stop bullets.” Its website was also hacked in 2012 and its offices firebombed in 2011, both over deliberately shocking material about Islam’s prophet, Muhammad. More