the-marcellus-shale-currently-has-around-12000-wells-industry-estimates-suggest-this-number-could-head-north-of-100000Back in early November, when we posted “If WTI Drops To $60, It Will “Trigger A Broader HY Market Default Cycle”, it was greeted with the usual allegations of conspiracy theorism, tin-foil hattery and pretty much everything else, except rebutting facts. Two months later, it was none other than Goldman which threw in the towel on its call from July 28 of 2014 when it said that “the long-awaited global recovery appears to be getting on track, lifting commodity demand” and scrambled to explain overnight that nothing short of a mass default wave within the shale space will end the ongoing collapse in prices, which are driven not by supply/demand fundamentals but by ZIRP, and a generation of junk bond BTFDers, who can’t wait to invest in the latest 10%, 15%, 20% or higher “yielding” opportunity (ignoring that the issuer may default before even one coupon is paid). In other words, those bond holders who wish to blame someone for the collapsing prices of junk bonds, feel free to address them to Ben Bernanke and his successor, who have enabled insolvent companies to live long beyond their viable lifecycle thanks to a zero cost of capital and a generation of traders who no longer know risk. More