?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????On the sandy shores of the Red Sea, visitors still flock to hear a long-ago legend that inspired at least two of the world’s greatest religions: the tale of Moses and God’s deliverance of the Israelite people from slavery in Egypt. But on these shores, where all Pharaoh’s horses and chariots were supposedly swallowed by the sea, modern-day archaeologists have concluded the biblical legend never even happened, little more than a religious fairy tale. Until now. Now, the 12-year-journey of filmmaker Timothy Mahoney and a team of researchers is not only culminating in a new film poised to rewrite the annals of history, but is also unveiling discoveries that may confirm the tale of Exodus – including a fascinating statue that may be that of the Bible’s Joseph, king of dreams. Mahoney told WND in an exclusive interview how and why he made the film, “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus”, which is being shown at hundreds of theaters around the U.S. in a special, one-night-only appearance through Fathom Events on Monday, Jan. 19. More