Snowstorm to Sweep From Chicago and Detroit to NYC, Boston.A snowstorm will sweep from the Midwest to the Northeast spanning this weekend into Groundhog Day and will cause major travel delays and disruptions to daily activities. Close to 100 million people live within the swath forecast to be hit with accumulating snow or enough wintry mix to make for slippery roads from Saturday evening into Monday. From 6-12 inches of snow is forecast to fall along a 1,200-mile west to east swath from Iowa to Massachusetts. Within this swath, some areas can receive close to a foot and a half of snow. Two components of the storm will merge together along a boundary of cold air to the north and warm air to the south, over the Central states this weekend. According to Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek, “The sooner and more aggressively this happens, the stronger the storm will be and the farther north it will track.” The strengthening storm will carry moisture in from the Pacific Ocean and grab more moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean along the way. The result will be a swath of heavy snow from part of the middle Mississippi Valley, to the northern part of the Ohio Valley states, the upper mid-Atlantic and southern New England. More