RRXLING11First came the calls. Then the reams of paper, more precious in a cash-strapped public school than gold. Finally, the checks arrived. Anna Lane Lingelbach Elementary, a public school in Germantown, began the academic year with a discretionary budget of $160: 40 cents to spend on each needy student. But after readers learned of the school’s plight in November from an Inquirer story, an avalanche of donations flowed from around the country.  Most notably, one anonymous angel gave the school $100,000, a sum that should buy Google Chromebooks for each of the school’s 420 students, kindergarten through eighth grade. For a place that principal Marc Gosselin had described as “so far below just the baseline that you need to run a school,” the generosity feels like a dream. “This will help to bridge the equity gap in our school,” Gosselin said last week. More