baby-620x413The abortion rate in Pennsylvania has fallen to an all time low according to a new report from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, but over 32,000 babies still lost their lives in 2013—the latest year with statistics available. “In 2013, there were 32,108 abortions performed in Pennsylvania. The 2013 figure is a 51.2 percent decrease from the 1980 total of 65,777 (the highest annual number ever recorded),” the report outlines. “The 2013 figure represents a decrease of 2,428 or 7.0 percent from the 34,536 that occurred in 2012. This is the lowest annual number ever recorded.” It notes that the overwhelmingly majority of abortions were obtained by unwed mothers, including adolescents. “Over 88 percent or 28,262 of the abortions performed in Pennsylvania in 2013 were to unmarried women,” the document explains. “Patients age 19 and under accounted for 11.6 percent or 3,740 of the 2013 abortions performed in Pennsylvania. Females age 17 and under accounted for 3.5 percent or 1,125 of the 2013 abortions.” More