xScreen_Shot_2015-01-23_at_8.38_.02_AM__thumb.png.pagespeed.ic.H0YMHuoZ_3EjMeoSLW16The Iranian military continued to threaten Israel on Thursday, following the assassination of at least one of its senior commanders in Syria during an airstrike over the weekend, in multiple statements issued by leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Top Iranian military leaders promised to hit Israel with “devastating thunderbolts” vowed to effect the “collapse of the Zionist regime” after Israeli military forces launched a surprise strike on Sunday that killed six Iranian agents, including the top-level commander, and five members of Hezbollah who are believed to have been planning an incursion into the Jewish state. Iran also vowed to increase military support for Palestinian and Lebanese militants in order to enable more attacks on Israel, according to statements published in the Iranian state-controlled media. Iranian leaders publicly lashed out at Israel for most of the week after the strike that killed Brig. Gen. Mohammad Ali Allahdadi of the IRGC, who was overseeing Iran’s military actions in Syria on behalf of Bashar al-Assad, the country’s embattled president. “The IRGC will remain steadfast on the path to the collapse of the Zionist regime of Israel through its continued support for the Lebanese and Palestinian combatants, but this time its supports will be on a scale larger than its supports during the 33-day and 51-day wars against the Israeli army,” Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, an IRGC commander, was quoted as saying on Tuesday. “The Zionists must wait for the devastating thunderbolts of the anti-Israel resistance groups in the region,” Jafari said, promising a “devastating response” and increased support for regional terror groups that oppose Israel. More