6416803_GIt’s not every day that you see people inside a strip club for a church service and Christian concert. It happened Sunday at Little Darlings on Dort Highway in Flint. Inside, inappropriate pictures were covered, babies were there with their mothers and people were worshiping. “This little glimmer of light, right here down on Dort Highway, where God is making a move,” said Doug Tipton, with the New Life Christian Fellowship. The idea started with Doug’s wife Christina, a pastor at the church. One day, she was driving in her car and praying. “I said, ‘you know what God, I’m your girl, give me something awesome, crazy, challenge me,'” she said. That day, she drove by a Little Darlings billboard. From there, their mission was clear. “We started initially just praying out in the parking lot,” Doug said. Eventually, they were invited inside. Their message: there’s more to life. “I felt so dirty and low before I surrendered my entire life to Jesus, and now I just feel like I could explode with joy,” said church member Angi Bigelow. Little Darlings was the first place Bigelow danced. Now she’s part of the church’s team that reaches out to girls still in the trade. “The time that they’re in it, they don’t realize that there is a way out,” Bigelow said. Ministering to dancers was just the beginning. The church also wanted to hold a concert at the strip club. The first person they asked said no. “It’s too risky, it’s too scandalous,” Christina said. The third time was the charm. Adam Cappa said yes. “I said, ‘gotta tell you it’s at a strip club’. He said, ‘even better’,” Christina said. More

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI