reformation-logo1This word has weighed heavy upon my heart for quite some time, waiting for the right moment to call the OCI family to a time of consecration. I believe now is that time! God is calling His people to separate themselves from the vain things of this world, the pleasures and entertainment of culture, into a time of pressing into the heart of God. Just to make sure I was hearing from God I submitted what I am about to share with you to a major prophetic voice to this nation. When I shared what I was hearing, he confirmed what I felt in my spirit. He even got more detailed to what God was saying to the bride of Christ in America. While he was ministering before a group of people in the Midwest the Spirit of God came upon him and declared that the next six months were critical for pressing into God. That during these next six months God was going to position key players and those seeking God’s face for the move of God that will bring the second coming of Jesus Christ. This is certainly the time for consecration. It’s time for the intercessors to travail, watchman to take their place on the wall, and the ministers to weep between the porch and the altar. I’m not one to just jump on the bandwagon for the new fasting movement, however because of this word we are going to join in on this time. So beginning Sunday, January 4th, 2015, we will begin a 21 day fast going through January 25th, 2015 at sun down. But it doesn’t end there because God spoke to me about 40 days of Reformation. Let me make a brief mention about fasting. The word fasting in the Bible literally means to shut the mouth. However, if you have never fasted I would not recommend you start cold turkey eating nothing. Start somewhere like skipping one meal a day. Because of medical issues and things of that nature you need to be careful. What you can do is definitely cut out sweets, sodas, and things that are harmful to your body anyways. Either way, God will honor the sacrifice that you make. This fast is not to bring condemnation to you, but to provide an opportunity to draw closer to God. More