crowdshot-BGEAIt’s still dark outside when Janet Wright takes a seat at her large, wooden desk. She begins typing on the laptop in front of her as a cat curls up in a black cushioned office chair nearby. Wright is in her office at home in Texas, chatting online with a woman halfway across the world—and leading her to a relationship with Christ. Wright is one of more than 330 trained volunteers with BGEA’s (Billy Graham’s Evangelistic Association) Internet evangelism ministry, Search for Jesus. And one of many who are part of a new ministry milestone: 5 million decisions for Christ. That’s like filling New York’s Yankee Stadium 100 times with people who have said yes to Christ. “Five million is exciting,” Internet Evangelism Director John Cass said as the ministry approached this milestone. “But a second later, a minute later, somebody else is going to make a decision, and that’s just as exciting.” More