1-giantsunspotThe largest sunspot seen in 24 years is rotating back to face the Earth, and it looks to have grown even bigger.  Last month, the solar active region known as AR12192 (also known as AR2192 to some of its friends) entertained the world with the sunspot clearly visible with the naked eye (with some appropriate and approved solar-watch or eclipse dark glasses, of course), and produced a series of large flares. But after spending some time over on the far side of the sun, it hasn’t finished impressing us yet. AR12192 is due to rotate back onto our side of the sun today (November 12) and and it has grown. Because of its size, the leading edge would actually have appeared about a day earlier. Charles Lindsey, of North West Research Associates (NWRA) in Boulder Colorado (and a frequent visitor to Monash University in Australia), has been following the progress of AR12192 since it disappeared around the west limb of the sun a couple of weeks ago, and found that it has grown significantly. More