praying_manWe live in a day of awesome worship experiences and we are equipped to be mighty intercessors, but we should never get lost in worship and intercession and neglect personal prayer devotion. In this time that we are living in, it is absolutely vital to have a personal life of devotion in prayer. E.M. Bounds, a great man of prayer and man of God, declared, “We greatly need someone who can set the saints to this business of praying; and the one who can set the church to praying will be the greatest of reformers and apostles.” Prayer is an element of Christianity that should be a constant. It should be a habit, a discipline, in our daily walk with God. E. M. Bounds expounded on the text of Like 18 where, “men always ought to pray.” He says, “Praying always does not mean that we are to neglect the ordinary duties of life; what it means is that the soul that has come into intimate contact with God in the silence of the prayer chamber is never out of conscious touch with the Father; that the heart is always going out to Him in loving communion; and that the moment the mind is released from the task upon which it is engaged, it returns as naturally to God as the bird does to its nest.” I would like to give you 4 basic things that will help you cultivate and foster a consistent devotion to prayer. More