JS46573797When mum-of-five Freda Murphy snapped this simple picture of the new floor at her Erdington home she had no idea of the paranormal storm about to be unleashed. It was a shot taken for insurance purposes, but when Freda scanned the image she was stunned to discover the outline of a face she believes to be Jesus, with a tear falling from the right eye. The spooky imprint is the latest in a series of chilling X Files encounters at the 100-year-old Hunton Road property. Freda has been so rattled by things that go bump in the night, she’s called in a spiritualist. During her 19 years at the house, the 52-year-old and her family have encountered ghosts, heard the cries of babies and even been prodded in their sleep. “At one time,” said Freda, “a mist, like a cloud, appeared above my head while I was hoovering. So much has gone on here. A lot of people have been frightened.” The image of Christ is the strangest of the strange encounters. “We’d just had the floor laid down and I was taking a picture for my solicitor,” said Freda. “The floor was totally clear. More