waterThe worsening drought in California is taking a toll on citizens, some of whom are stealing water in the middle of the night from fire hydrants, officials said. The city of Lemoore says at least four fire hydrants have been tampered with and, in one case, the perpetrator didn’t even bother to clean up the evidence. “There was a hydrant that had a hose on it and whoever was there was left the hose,” Lemoore Public Works Director Dave Wlaschin told ABC station KFSN-TV in Fresno. Wlaschin said he’s also aware of people who have filled up tanks of water to sell in other drought-stricken areas. “We’re concerned about it, we’ve been on an active alert for those types of things, with groundwater supplies what they are and surface water supplies an even greater problem,” he told KFSN. Lemoore isn’t the only city worried about water theft. Across the state, residents and businesses are under strict orders to conserve. More