1920291_10152625743968812_8624022468076029677_nBREAKING NEWS: Amid fears of a global Ebola epidemic, the feds are keeping a close eye on passengers arriving at JFK and other international airports in the United States to quarantine anyone showing signs of the deadly virus. New York city’s Health Department alerted doctors and other health providers to immediately report anyone they suspect might have the disease, reports The New York Post. “Quarantine officers” at JFK and 19 other US airports are on alert, and airline personnel are trained to spot the symptoms, which include fever, red eyes, severe vomiting, diarrhoea and internal bleeding, said a spokesman for the US Centres for Disease Control. “If you’re a passenger on a plane and you say you’re sick, you will be met when you land by the CDC,” spokesman David Daigle told The Post. The deaths of 57 more people from Ebola in west Africa have pushed the overall fatality toll from the epidemic to 729, the World Health Organisation says. More