2014-08-09-CampAranutiq-thumbThe smell of campfires in the night air and the sound of Cicadas outside my window reminded me it was summer in Upstate NY. I haven’t ever liked summer. It’s not just because I am always warm. You’ll never see me wear a coat even on the coldest winter day. That wasn’t the real reason I disliked summer, my childhood was the reason. I loved school as a kid and I didn’t want it to end. I knew that ending of the school year meant loneliness. The other kids looked forward to a summer of playing hopscotch and marco polo in the pool. To most it meant a summer of overnight camps with ghost stories and s’mores to look forward to. I longed for an overnight camp but that wasn’t in the cards for me. Most of my childhood was in a wheelchair which wasn’t conducive to me playing hopscotch or marco polo.

2014-08-09-CampAranutiqkidshiking.jpgSchool days or rainy days meant the other kids were inside and would keep me company. But hot summer days meant all of the kids were outside and I was alone. I wished for a summer full of rainy days but I knew that wasn’t realistic. One summer my parents took pity on me and found a way for me to spend a weekend at brownie camp. An older girl scout was assigned to help me get dressed and go to the bathroom. She followed me everywhere and assisted me. It was heaven. I remember falling asleep in the night air in the top bunk the girl scout had helped me get into. I felt like a normal kid for once but it was short lived. I am unsure why I couldn’t continue doing this, maybe it was too much to assign someone to a grown girl or maybe it was just too good to be true. More