I had just finished talking with one of our staff here at OCI when it hit me. Every message preached weekly from OCI will literally reach thousands of people. You might think that I should have already realized that. But when you are in the middle of a rapidly growing ministry it’s easy to get caught up in just what you see in front of you. We have had over 40 families move here in the past two years, with 26 different states represented in the OCI family. It’s been an incredible journey this far and we feel another wave coming. Our IT person began sharing with me the impact that we are having online and it is blowing me away. As of two weeks ago we have, on average 6,000 downloads per week, for our weekly sermon. We have hundreds who join us faithfully week after week for Tuesday nights and Fire Night Prayer meetings. On Thursday night “Fire Night” in the barn we are seeing prayer requests come in from all over the world, with over 600 “Fire Houses” who have made a commitment to join us for at least one hour each week and cover the earth with intercession. This has all been happening in less than a year!  More