Millions of fake pills from China, some with no active ingredients and others with the wrong contents, have been uncovered and confiscated by customs officers in France. In the latest episode of faulty, fraudulent or faked Chinese products, the officers say they nabbed 2.4 million fake pills that were hidden in boxes marked “Chinese tea,” Reuters reported. Authorities described the 13-ton seizure as the most significant ever in France and the European Union.It’s part of a story WND has reported for years. In the U.S., one recent recall of a faulty Chinese product was for a surge protector that started fires, including one that caused $916,000 damage to one home. There also have been carcinogen-laced foods for adults, dangerous toys for children and even contaminated treats and food for pets. WND reported a Chinese pipeline was supplying falsified driver’s licenses and IDs to Americans. More