Armed men take up positions around the regional parliament building in the Crimean city of SimferopolRussia has been accused of sending 6,000 troops into the Ukraine despite calls by Britain and the US for Moscow to back off. Tensions are rising amid reports that Russian and Ukranian troops are trying to gain control of key sites in the south-eastern region of Crimea. The region has a prime minister loyal to Moscow but the government in Kiev has vowed to maintain the country’s territorial integrity.  Reports suggest that Russian troops are trying to occupy an anti-aircraft missile base and have taken control of airports in the peninsular. Ukraine’s border guard service said about 300 armed men were attempting to seize its main headquarters in the port city of Sevastopol. Russian helicopter gunships have also been seen in Ukrainian airspace. But there were claims by Russia that gunmen from Kiev had been sent overnight to seize the offices of Crimea’s interior ministry. There was grainy footage of an unidentified armed group breaking into a building, with smoke rising and reports that people had been “wounded”. More delivering-on-the-promise