image3With the ink still wet on a free-trade deal with South Korea, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada would be willing to reopen the North American Free Trade Agreement for the right price. Harper stopped in Vancouver on his way home from South Korea on Wednesday, wasting no time in selling the new agreement. In a question-and-answer session at a B.C. Chamber of Commerce gathering, he said his government remains focused on building global trade, “particularly given that some of our traditional trading partners — like the United States — may not have the kind of growth rates that you’re talking about for a very long time to come.” That said, the prime minister made it clear that Canada may be interested in renegotiating NAFTA with the U.S. and Mexico. U.S. President Barack Obama originally vowed to open NAFTA during his first presidential campaign. American officials have again expressed interest in opening the 20-year-old pact, Harper said. MORE