article-2120804-12584CD3000005DC-328_634x422For over a decade, residents of the small town of Mossville, Louisiana, have been reporting numerous cases of premature death, disease and cancer. A new plot by a large chemical plant looks to finish them off, paying 80 percent or more of the residents to leave the town, which could nearly wipe Mossville off the map. Residents of the community have long suspected the causes behind the community’s deteriorating health situation, pointing to the 14 chemical plants that surround their town. “I got cancer. My dad had cancer. In fact, he died of cancer. It’s a lot of people in this area who died of cancer,” says Herman Singleton Jr., 51, who has lost two uncles and an aunt to cancer. Fellow resident Debra Ramirez said her sister died of a rare inflammatory disease called sarcoidosis. More