When your enemies are those of your own household!

(By Ricky Scaparo) In this message, you will discover how the enemy is systematically attacking many believers in this hour on two major fronts any why. Discover how these attacks are coming from within households and from our own families. Other attacks are coming against many from simply supporting ministries and helping spread the Gospel around the World. For the entire message watch the video below:

5 Comments on "When your enemies are those of your own household!"

  1. Amen. My husband has been the vessel of major attack for over 10 years!Many are not aware of the jezebel spirit operating in the male spouse and not much mention of it by the church!

  2. The enemy is busy attaching Christians in every area of life, and Ministry. I speak on a personal level, as well. God is still on the Throne, and every time we go through the fire, God makes us strong. God bless you, Bro Rick. You are doing good work, we pray for you, and please keep us in prayer. Bro in Christ, Cornelius Duncan.

  3. Wow,this is my life right now! I’m getting attacked from everywhere and everyone.

  4. God bless you minister for your word for us all i was used my family was used against one another through stress . heart is broken from jezebel spirit took peace from my home. need prayer brother enemy has also attacked me through finance medical health 😞

  5. elsie brits | August 15, 2017 at 11:47 am |

    please pray with me..this is happening right now to me. have lost all through false prosecutions. need an income ect in order to regain my status as a mother for my teenage daughter caught up in very evil house…for me to stand firm in my faith in my messiahs promises and victories.

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