US-Israel Alliance Tops Global Impact of ’67 War

In the 50 years since the Six-Day War, the world has seen the Iron Curtain fall and global terrorism rise. It has also witnessed the emergence of rogue nuclear states such as Iran and North Korea. Through it all, one alliance stands the test of time: the United States and Israel. And although the bond has been tested, it has grown stronger. After the tension of

the Obama years, Donald Trump’s election opened a new chapter in U.S. relations with Israel. As the 45th president prepares for his first official Middle East visit, indications are that he will choose to build on a foundation that took off after the Six-Day War. From the campaign through the inauguration, Trump sounded a clarion call to restore U.S. support for Israel. Although he’s made many supporters in the U.S. and Israel nervous with his recent backing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the foundation of the U.S.-Israel alliance began in the Six-Day War. READ MORE


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