FALLING AWAY – Over 150 Gay UMC Clergy Sign Letter Demanding LGBT Ordination

Nearly 150 United Methodist clergy and clergy candidates have signed onto a letter demanding that the Mainline Protestant denomination recognize LGBT ordination. A group known as the United Methodist Queer Clergy Caucus released a letter on Monday morning demanding that the UMC be more inclusive of LGBT members. The letter came in response to the upcoming trial of openly gay Bishop Karen Oliveto before the denomination’s highest court, the United Methodist Judicial Council.

Next week, the Judicial Council will determine whether Oliveto should no longer be bishop of the Mountain Sky Area region due to being in a same-sex marriage. “While these questions, briefs and complaints are filed against some LGBTQI individuals, we consider them to be against all of us. These actions can also be considered as a general attack on the evangelism, discipleship, and mission potential of the United Methodist movement,” read the letter in part. READ MORE


4 Comments on "FALLING AWAY – Over 150 Gay UMC Clergy Sign Letter Demanding LGBT Ordination"

  1. Such sad times we live in and the realization that many human souls will not make it to Heaven if they continue following the temptation of the devil.

  2. How homosexuals can try to justify being a queer has only one explination, they are controlled by satan and on their way to hell and the lake of fire.

  3. No freaking way. Have they even read the Bible? Do they not know what God has said about their life style? You do not change God, God changes you. It is impossible for a Homosexual to become a Pastor or Priest or Father of a or any Church. Maybe if they are Satan worshipers and hold office with Satanic Church or what ever you call that. Yes we are to love the sinner hate the sin, but we are never allowed to change God’s law, or rewrite the Bible.

  4. Charles E. Spickard | April 24, 2017 at 6:27 pm |

    Why doesn’t the UMC remove these purveyors of Satan’s enfluence from The Church and allow us to grow into the God fearing, Bible teaching’ and preaching denomination that we once were.

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