Google Director Aims to Implant Computers Inside Human Brain

(By Kelly McDonald, Jr) Recently, the director of engineering for Google announced that he was in favor of implanting computers inside the human brain. By 2029, he thinks that humans and computers will be merged together. He also believes this development could increase or enhance human capacities and connect us even more to each other.



This merger between humans and computers definitely creates huge moral and ethical problems, some of which are reminiscent of the Matrix. If humans “merge” with computers so that all humanity has a singular consciousness, what happens if someone maliciously controls the central computer? There are also spiritual implications – God created all of us with unique qualities. We have strengths and weaknesses. Moses and Jeremiah were not eloquent speakers. God manifests His strength in those weaknesses. If mankind finds a way to wipe out our natural weaknesses, it will defile the uniqueness of God’s creation. Humans will become even more self-reliant and vain.

2 Comments on "Google Director Aims to Implant Computers Inside Human Brain"

  1. Google director is stupid!

  2. Google director has obviously no understanding about humans. But of course we live in the world where people can think or do whatever they want. And in the end they will be judged for everything that they do in this world. Life in this world is just a smoke; you are here today or you are gone tommorrow. If you are a child of God, do everything you can to obey the holy commandments of God which in written in the Law, in Christ the Lord. You will be rewarded for it. Look at the tree, the work of God shows through them. The Lord God rewards everyone including the tree for helping people to live without any reward from. The result of their good works, they live much longer than people. If you can spend your time helping the people without a reward, surely length of life in this world will become as the tree. However, if you live your life as this man google director, surely this world and life in it will be short.

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