Fear and Panic in Pakistan After Huge Flash Seen and Heard In Sky

Reports coming out of Pakistan are indicating that a huge flash and explosion has been reported causing Residents of Gilgit and Ghizer Districts in Pakistan to run in fear.  According to sources there the blast was so strong that some of the residents feared a plane had crashed or even a bomb exploded after the recent string of attacks in that region. Apparently, The loud explosion shook up locals in the Gilgit, Ghizer and neighboring region of the Diamer district around 9 PM on

March 16, 2017. The reports there are saying that this explosion was most likely a giant fireball exploding in loud booms while disintegrating. This event lit the entire city up before disappearing suddenly. One resident said: ‘It Hit somewhere in shilpi Ghizer but no casualties.’ Another local reported he was on a motorcycle when he saw red and yellowish stars and “something else” moving fast in the sky…

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