DEVELOPING: Laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen from Secret Service agent…

A disturbing report indicates that a laptop containing the floor plans for Trump Tower, The information regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation and other national security information has been reportedly stolen from a Secret Service agent’s vehicle in Brooklyn, NY according to police sources.  Sources indicate that the Authorities have been

diligently searching for the whereabouts of the laptop since it was stolen this past Thursday morning.  Along with this laptop, other items have been stolen as well including coins and a black bag with the Secret Service insignia that were later recovered.  However at this time the laptop, along with other documents described as “sensitive,” are still being searched for.

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  1. Oooh yes,someone just happened to steal a laptop with all that top secret info..The hillary email investigation info? And floor plans to the Trump tower??? Someone please enlighten me as to why the secret service would even have a laptop with the Trump tower floor plan,and to top this all off, that dunsky agent leaves the laptop behind in his car so it can be conveniently stolen…I hope this country has a president smart enough to realize that he is being set up…He better get his wife and son out of that joint…I hope they interrogate the hell outta that agent and then fire his pathetic ass…How can he be trusted to guard the presidents life if he couldnt even keep an electronic gadget from being taken???

  2. I have a laptop , and I’m just an ordinary person and my laptop is lo-jacked costing $100 for 3 years . so WHY don’t the Secret Service have there laptop lo-jacked , ? ? ? I think it was a set up .

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